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NASA Live Streams: How to Watch High Quality NASA Streams

by Eddie V.

NASA, How to Watch NASA Live Streams

How to Watch Nasa Live Streams

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an independent governmental agency of the United States of America which was established in the year 1958. The organization deals with cutting-edge research and development of vehicles to explore the space within and outside of our planet's atmosphere. It was created by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and other government agencies in response to the achievements of the Soviet Union in the fields of space research and was the center of the US civil space research and development.

During President's John F Kennedy's administration, he proposed that the United States should work to put a man on the moon. NASA took on this project and created the Apollo program which eventually lead to Neil Armstrong to become the first man to step on the moon in 1969. The agency's first high profile program, however, was Project Mercury whose mission it was to learn if humans could really survive in space. Later, this was then followed-up by Project Gemini which was the first initiative to build a spacecraft that would put a man on the moon, which was later achieved by Project Apollo. The Apollo 11 mission expanded to complete five more successful lunar landing missions until 1972.

Over the past 60 years, NASA has pushed boundaries of research and development in the field of aeronautics and has successfully expanded our understanding of our planet, the solar system and the universe around us.


NASA's current endeavors and the future

NASA is composed of four mission indexes. These include aeronautics research, science, space technology, and human exploration.

In the field of aeronautics research, the organization aims to develop advanced aviation technologies and has its technology inculcated in every US aircraft and air traffic control tower. They aim to further the technology to reduce environmental impact, maintain safety in more crowded skies and pave the path to revolutionary aircraft shapes and propulsion systems.

In the field of science, NASA is dealing with programs that would understand the structure, origin and evolution of the universe, the solar system, and our own planet. Currently, this directive is focused on the Earth and critical issues like climate change, rise in sea levels, freshwater resources, and extreme weather conditions.

In the field of space technology, the organization is focused on developing space science and improving exploration technologies. They mature emerging technologies in order to derive innovative solutions to improve exploratory capabilities, save lives and push economic growth.

In the field of human exploration and operations, NASA is focused on management of manned space missions, like those of the International Space Station, and projects related to the launch of services, transportation in space and improved communications for programs that are both handled by humans and robots.

Other than these four mission directorates, NASA also has its eyes on the International Space Station and is trying to figure out how human beings can journey to Mars. Research is made possible on the space station due to its microgravity which allows astronauts to work off the Earth for the Earth on research that cannot be achieved on the planet itself. These include leading breakthroughs in the understanding of the planet, space, physical sciences, and even biological sciences.

Nasa Live Stream Eclipse

How to keep up with NASA

There is a lot happening at NASA and much more that has already occurred but most of us have no knowledge of. The researchers at NASA understand that their work cannot merely be studied but must be broadcast and explained to the common man. To reach out to human understanding, the organization has not only developed a website that explains its achievements and missions, but also broadcasts live to the world through video streams.

In order to access these streams, one can visit their page on YouTube ( or visit their website ( and click on the tab for "NASA TV." Here viewers can find various videos created by the organizations and live programs including special programming like "Dawn Science Chat" and "ICON launch."


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