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Google Maps Street View: Learn How to Use It!

by Kelly B.

Google Maps Street View, How to use Google Maps Street View

How to Use Google Maps Street View

The Google Street View is an additional feature provided in Google Maps and Google Earth which provides a panoramic view of the street from multiple positions. This feature is applicable for most major roads and streets in the entire world. It was launched initially in 2007 in certain American cities but has since then expanded to include all kinds of towns and rural areas in the entire world. The various streets for which street view is available are shown with a blue line on Google Maps.

The Google Street View shows a panorama of multiple stitched images. The significant amount of photography is done via a car. A lot of them are also done by trekkers, tricycle, walking, boat snowmobiles, and underwater equipment. Google Street View is available on both Android and iOS as a web application, mobile app and as a component of Google Maps. Initially, Adobe Flash was used by Google Maps to present its Street View feature. In 2013, the Google Maps application was overhauled, and the newer versions use only JavaScript and also provides a JavaScript application programming interface. The newer versions of Google Maps and Street Views have been found to be slower. However, there is an option of switching back to the older versions of the application when the applications get slow.

Google Maps Street View
Using Google Street View

Street View helps users in exploring various locations, landmarks, and buildings of cultural significance like museums. The Street View can be accessed via its separate app, through Google Maps, and from the Street View Gallery. Users should note that Street View is not available at every location in the world.

  • Using Street View on a Computer- Open Google Search on the web browser. Search for the relevant place of address and then click on the photo that is labeled "see outside." Alternately, Pegman can be used to see places on Google Maps. To do so, the relevant place has to be searched, and the pegman which is at the corner of the screen should be dropped on the map.
  • Using Pegman on Google Maps- After starting Google Maps, the Pegman can be found on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The pegman can be dragged and dropped on any area that is compatible with Google Street View. Such areas are usually marked by blue lines, blue dots or orange dots on the map.
How to use Google Maps Street View
  • Using Google Street View on Android- Open the Google Maps application and drop a pin on the selected location on the map. Once the pin has been dropped, tap on the name of the location and scroll down on the menu that appears. There is a photo at the bottom labeled Street View or simply select the thumbnail with the street view icon. Once the Street View option has been selected, the user can go back to the map and view the location is Street View mode.
  • Exploring a location on Street View- To navigate in various direction on the Street View, the user needs to drag their fingers on the screen or simply click the compass icon. By swiping left or right and up and down users can navigate along the blue line. By turning the device sideways, one can view the Street View feature in a larger landscape mode. By pinch opening and closing, users can zoom in and out of various locations and details.

Google collects data from a wide variety of camera sources and even has its own Camera mounted cars which are also equipped with various kinds of scanners and data recording devices.


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