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How Your Instagram Account Can Get Hacked

by Garry S.

Instagram hacked: this is how hackers get into your Insta account!

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks. The photo and video sharing app is password protected, but that doesn’t mean it is completely safe. Hackers can get into your account in several ways, and the following are the most common Instagram hacking tactics:


Malware is used to steal people's personal info – including passwords and login data. Hackers use viruses to get this data, and you probably won't even know what they did. Through emails and links, hackers install malware to people's devices and use it to steal passwords.

Weak passwords

Hackers take advantage of the fact that people often use the same password in several accounts. When there is a data leak, hackers will discover your passwords, and try to use them in your personal accounts, including your Instagram account.

How Your Instagram Account Can Get Hacked

Third-party apps

Many people click on links and approve third-party apps without even a glace and their terms and conditions. When doing so, you become susceptible to hacking. If the third-party app is compromised, your passwords are also discovered.

In-app scams

There are countless people who receive direct messages every day from scammers. In many cases, the messages announce that the user of the account is guilty of copyright infringement. To solve the issue, the scammers attach a link that supposedly provides information about the problem. When you click on the link, you will be asked to enter your login details. This is a classic phishing scam that actually makes people disclose their passwords to hackers.

What to Do If My Instagram Account Got Hacked?

If you suspect that your Instagram account was hacked, you can contact the social media app for help. They will provide you with a security code that will help you recover your account and establish a new password. You can also follow THESE steps on Instagram to help with the problem.

Also, you should always be careful about what you do with your account. To prevent hacking in the first place, do not click on any links, especially if they are not sent by the official Instagram address.

If you need to give access to third-party apps, read their terms and conditions first. Using a two-step verification process is also good for preventing hacks, and you should use a strong password that you do not use in other accounts. Be cautious and do not be duped by people that you do not know.


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