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Ibotta Shopping Deals App – What is Ibotta and What are its Best Features?

by Toni S.

Ibotta, Ibotta App, Ibotta App Review

Ibotta App Review

Ibotta is an app that lets you save money. If you've been on any site that enables you to cut coupons recently, you must have noticed various deals called Ibotta listed there. If you’re unsure of what that is and would like to know more, this is the article for you.

What is Ibotta?

As mentioned earlier, fundamentally, Ibotta is an app that helps you to save money while shopping. It is a free mobile cash-back and coupon shopping app that is supported by most Android and iOS devices. With this app, shoppers are given the opportunity to earn cash backs on select products after performing a few tasks. Simple tasks such as purchasing the product and providing proof of purchase. 

Ibotta is clearly very popular. This is because the app has an edge on other apps. This handy app is famous for the savings it offers and the deals it cuts. The savings gleaned by use of the Ibotta app are in addition to the savings you can get by redeeming coupons, coupon stacking and matching, rewards programs, rebates, and other money-saving apps. One saving strategy doesn't make the other obsolete, and instead adds on. This fact makes the Ibotta app a necessity in an individual’s savings toolbox.


How hard is Ibotta to use?

The Ibotta app is quite easy to use. There are numerous steps you have to take to ensure that you get the most out of the app. But the steps are simple, and the instructions on how to maneuver the app are clear. To get started with the app, you'll need a compatible device and a Venmo or Paypal account. If you don’t, you can also collect rewards and later cash them in so you can receive gift cards from certain retailers. There is a cash option as well as a rewards option.

How does Ibotta work?

Ibotta presents the everyday customer with many options on how to receive cash back. To get started, tap on the Ibotta symbol on your phone. This will bring you to the offers section of the app. This section displays the products that have specific offers, along with how much money you will be able to get back once you provide proof of purchase.

If you find a product you want, tap on the "Earn $" bar to view what tasks you'll have to complete in order to get a cashback. You'll be surprised to find that for most products, there is more than one clear way to earn money. The process is straightforward. You can either complete one or even all of the tasks to earn your cash back. The cash you get back increases with the number of tasks you do. 

Ibotta App

A few examples of the tasks that you may be asked to do are:

  • Participating in a poll
  • Reading a fact
  • Watching a video
  • Posting on Facebook
  • Writing a comment about what you bought

Once you’ve completed the task, the product you bought is automatically added to your ‘Checklist’ on the app. This ultimately lets you earn money for purchasing the item. Most of these tasks that the app requires you to do can be done quickly. Each task takes about as much time as you’ll need to clip a coupon. Finally, in order to get your cash, you’ll need to purchase the product at a participating store. Browse ‘Store Extras’ for offers which are store specific.

When you've purchased the product, you'll need proof of purchase to get your cash-back. The app gives you three methods to show proof. You can submit a photo of the receipt, link Ibotta to the store’s loyalty card so Ibotta can confirm which items you purchased, or you can simply make purchases by using the Ibotta app itself.

Ibotta is a free, user-friendly app that lets you earn money by doing a few tasks. It’s popular among the most cautious customers because of its cashback options. There has never been an easier way to save money before the Ibotta app. For more information on how to use this app, click here


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