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15 Craziest Laws in Idaho

by Rachel M.

Craziest Laws in Idaho, Craziest Idaho Laws

Idaho Weird Laws

Idaho is known for its natural resources, beautiful views, agriculture, water sports' and potatoes, but there is more to the states that meets the eye. Those who live in the state know that it has some pretty quirky rules that make it all the more unique, and if you are planning a trip to Idaho, you should know those rules too. So, if you ever wondered what are the weirdest laws in Idaho, here is a list of the ones that will make you laugh and want to visit the potato state.

Weird Laws in Idaho

It is illegal not to smile in public

Luckily, this one only exists in the City of Pocatello, and it is definitely one of the weirdest laws in Idaho; the "smile ordinance" was passed in 1948, by the mayor of the City of Pocatello – George Phillips. It may sound like it, but the mayor was not crazy; in 1948, a very harsh winter hit Pocatello, and the mayor wanted people to smile despite the weather, which is why the law came to be.

It is illegal to live in a dog kennel

If you are in the dog house with your spouse, make sure you don't actually go to sleep in a dog kennel. It is against the law to reside in dog kennels unless you are a dog.

You cannot buy onions after dark

In the city of Tamarack, it is illegal for people to purchase onions after dark. Those who get the urge to cook late in the evening and need onions for their culinary creations will need to get a permit to buy the tear-jerking vegetable.

Craziest Laws in Idaho

It is illegal to lead animals on sidewalks

According to C-17 "It shall be unlawful for any person to ride, drive or lead any animal or to drive any vehicle upon, along with or across any cement sidewalk in the city". Hmmm… we wonder how people walk their dogs in Idaho then…

It is illegal to camp out on sidewalks in the city

There's something with Idaho and sidewalks… it is actually illegal to camp out on sidewalks in city limits: 5-2-6: OVERNIGHT CAMPING: "No person shall camp or sleep overnight on public property located within the city limits unless such property is specifically posted allowing the same."

Selling chickens after sundown is only possible with a special permit

Those who sell chickens in Idaho and want to do so after sundown have to get special permission from the Sheriff, otherwise, the practice is illegal.

Persons over the age of 88 will not ride motorcycles

If you are a retired Hell's Angel or a motorhead in general, we have some bad news for you… it is illegal to ride a motorcycle if you have passed the age of 88.

Craziest Idaho Laws

It is illegal to sweep dirt out to the streets

If you are cleaning your home and you are fresh out of garbage bags, think twice before sweeping the dirt out to the street. It is illegal in the state of Idaho.

Lawyers cannot charge widows for moving a piano

Well, that makes perfect sense! According to this weird Idaho law, if a widow wants to move a piano from one room to another, her lawyer should not charge her for it.

Selling defective potatoes is punishable by incarceration

The state of Idaho is serious when it comes to its famous potatoes; there is actually a law in the state according to which you can go to jail for six months if you sell "Idaho Deluxe" potatoes that have damages, blemishes, or rot.

It is illegal to ride merry-go-rounds on Sundays

Not only is it against the law, but riding a merry-go-round of a Sunday is considered a criminal offense in the state of Idaho.

You cannot fish off a camel's back in Idaho

Set aside the question of how you can get your hands on a camel in Idaho. The real question is why would anyone want to use these animals as fishing boats? It a recipe for disaster.

Crazy Laws

Kids have to have a signed certificate that they brush their teeth

Oral hygiene seems to very important in Idaho… so much so that children under the age of 14 have to have a certificate signed by their parents, indicating they brush their regularly.

Showing TLC in public is limited

If you are walking around with your partner and you get the urge to show them some lovin', better do it for less than 18 minutes. More than that and you are breaking the law.

Premarital sex is against the law

Still on the subject of love, people who engage in premarital sex in Idaho and get caught actually face jail time. Worth it.

So, what did you think about the weirdest laws in Idaho? They definitely add color to the state, and if you want to know more about the weirdest laws in each state, go to GoLookUp.


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