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Best Health Insurance Companies in Illinois

by Rick J.

Health Insurance Illinois, Illinois Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Illinois?

It can be confusing at times to shop for one’s health insurance in the state of Illinois. After all, the residents of Illinois have to choose from a wide array of health insurance plans. Also, finding the proper match for your requirements may not be that easy always.

Purchasing family and individual health insurance policies in Illinois

If you live in Illinois, you can opt for new private health coverage in the following scenarios:

  • Your employer does not provide a group health insurance plan
  • You have enrolled in a health insurance policy, and your benefit requirements are not the same anymore
  • You are self-employed
  • While you have enrolled in health policy, the premium rates are exorbitant
  • Although you have taken up a group plan, your dependents or spouse is not covered
Health Insurance Illinois

How to find reasonably priced family and individual health insurance in Illinois?

In case your domestic partner or spouse and you want to opt for fresh health insurance coverage, it is recommended that you check out different medical insurance quotes jointly, as well as, individually to get details of the most reasonably priced for you.  

Based on the health insurer, family and individual health insurance rates in Illinois for couples may depend on the younger person’s age in the coverage. When a couple has a big age difference between them, they can save their money by opting for the dame policy instead of separately. On the other hand, a couple who does not have much of an age difference can reduce their insurance expenses when they apply for individual insurance policies.


Health exchange in Illinois

The state features a partnership exchange along with the country’s federal government. It signifies that Illinois operates “Get Covered Illinois” that offers facilities like a help desk, in-person support, and a website where the residents of Illinois can make changes in their plans or enroll into fresh health insurance plans.

Illinois Health Insurance

Features of medical insurance in Illinois

  • The state functions as a partnership exchange for health insurance with its federal government
  • The state offers short term health insurance plans where the initial plan term can be up to 364 days
  • The premium hikes in 2019 were flat on an average
  • There are five health insurance companies that will offer coverage in 2019 in the individual market of the state
  • The state embraced the Medicaid expansion of the ACA in 2013
  • Short-term health insurance plans in Illinois are restricted by new guidelines by the federal government

As mentioned above, there are five insurers what are providing coverage in 2019 in Illinois through its exchange. Gunderson/Quartz is prominent among them that offers health insurance plans in 4 counties in Illinois.

There were nominal changes in premium rates for 2019 in the individual market in the state. Key highlights include:

  • Gold plans costing the lowest came down by six percent as compared to the last year
  • Silver plans costing the lowest also dipped by 6 percent
  • Bronze plans costing the lowest increased marginally by 6 percent

Illinois short-term health coverage

The state has not regulated its short-term health plans. Thus, it has defaulted to the latest federal rules about short-term medical insurance. Such rules permit health policies to have an initial term period of a maximum of 364 days. Also, they can be renewed at the discretion of the insurance company for a total period of 36 months.

Illinois Medicaid/CHIP

It was in 2013 when Medicaid expansion was authorized in Illinois. It came into effect in 2014. Around 350,000 fresh enrollees were approved as a result in the first few months. In July 2018, around 2.95 million inhabitants of the state were covered by the Medicaid/CHIP.


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