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Illinois Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Toni S.

Register to Vote Illinois, Illinois Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Illinois?

 The discussion below will be useful for answering some common queries on ways of registering to vote in the state.

The election authority in your locality is entrusted with the responsibility of voter registration. In this case, the board of election commissioners or an office of the county clerk is the election authority in the state. Go the website of Illinois State Board of Elections to know all about ways of getting in touch with the local election authority.

Illinois-Eligibility criteria to register for voting

To register for voting in the state of Illinois, you have to meet the below-listed standards:

  • Your age should be a minimum of 18 years by Election Day;
  • You should be the precinct's resident for a minimum of thirty days before Election Day; and
  • Should be a citizen of the United States of America

It should also be noted that you can register yourself to vote in a primary election even when you are only 17-year-old but have to be 18-year-old on the day of the election.

Illinois-Online register to vote

You can visit the website for the Illinois State Board of Elections to register online to vote.

  1. i) In case you hold a driver’s license

It is possible to link your registration to your corresponding record in the database for driver’s license

  1. ii) In case you do not hold a driver’s license
  • Your registration form should be submitted to your local election authority
  • Also, offer them your proper identification.
Register to Vote Illinois

Illinois-In-person registration

It is also possible to register o vote by submitting your application form in person at:

  • Offices of military recruitment
  • Offices of the local election authority
  • Public libraries or some schools
  • Offices of Precinct committee
  • Village, township, and city offices

You can also register to vote at some state agencies while applying for specific services: Two documents should be presented by you to prove your identity. Out of these two, one should show your latest residence address.

Illinois-Register by mail

To register to vote in Illinois by mail, the Illinois Voter Registration Application form has to be completed by you. After that, the form should be sent to your relevant election authority within the stipulated registration deadline.

When you plan to register by mail, your ID has to be verified by the concerned election authority before the vote. Else, you have to cast your ballot in person for the first time where you show your identification proof. In case there are any queries, you need to get in touch with your election authority.

 Illinois Register to Vote

The Illinois-grace period for registration

Typically, you should register for voting at least twenty-seven days before an upcoming election. At the same time, the state law permits to register even after the deadline and such a period are called the grace period.  You should take the following steps

During this grace period, you must do the following:

  • Cast the ballot upon registering
  • Register to vote in person

Illinois: Ensuring your registration to vote

A voter ID card should be sent to you in the mail. Check the status of your booking at the following places:

  • The website for Illinois State Board of Elections or
  • Your relevant election authority

In case you fail to receive the voter’s card within 3 weeks, make sure you get in touch with the election authority in your locality.

Meanwhile, any person who is registered to vote by mistake should do the following:

  • Report such an error to their local election authority
  • Should not cast his/her vote


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