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Leanr about the Importance of Physical Relationship

by Nicole M.

Importance of Physical Relationship, Physical Relationship

How Important Is the Physical Aspect of a Relationship?

A close physical relationship isn’t essential for true love, but it is certainly a powerful tool to strengthen a bond.

When done right, the importance of physical relationship in a romance can never be overstated.

Used wrongly, it can actually damage a relationship in the long run, despite what your short-term evolution-driven hormones might tell you.

The lack of physical closeness and intimacy between couples rank among the top reasons for divorce, infidelity, and breakups in relationships worldwide.

There is definitely an art and a science to this, and the importance of physical relationship among couples transcends simple hormones.

Importance of Physical Relationship in Love

The urge to find another human to complete yourself with is one of the most powerful driving forces that exist in humankind.

In everyday, regular, normal relationships, couples might notice that as intimate time vanishes from their weekly to-do lists, so do little arguments, disagreements, little bits and bobs of discontent seem to pop up in gradually increasing frequency.

Conversely, many couples note that during the more difficult times, either in health, finance, career, or literally anything, a strong physical relationship provides higher contentment, superior problem-solving skills(No, really) and overall higher tolerance to stress and obstacles that life throws in your face.

It has been shown that a woman’s immune system actually derives benefit from regular intimacy, and the effects span physical, emotional, hormonal and depending on your beliefs, spiritual benefits.

Importance of Physical Relationship
How Important Is the Physical Aspect of a Relationship

Everyone has a different physical drive when it comes down to it, with people all over the spectrum enjoying varying levels of physical intimacy, but the urge to merge with another human isn’t just physical, it’s psychological.

The urge to be vulnerable, to bond, nurture, and protect another human being you’ve grown to respect and admire requires several circumstances to click, most of all, it needs time.

The importance of physical intimacy is that it acts as a glue that holds couples together until the passage of time makes them complete in their union.

Human beings are complex with many needs, and the simplest need among all of them is looked down upon by many seeking higher, more intimate connections with potential soul-mates and life-mates.

But physical intimacy should be seen and respected for the simplicity with which it allows people to connect. Sex alone does not connect two people but begins the process for them to connect.

Physical Relationship

Even if words fail, even the shyest couple can successfully communicate to each other their wants, allow them to mesh out their differences, and come to compromises. Physical intimacy between couples can be the best remedy to the little nicks and dents a relationship undergoes with time.

The affection a couple demonstrates during sex can be one of the best predictors of long term marriage’s success, not necessarily the number of times the act is committed, but the emotional high bolsters a long-term connection with your partner that extends to long-term positive effects outside of the bedroom.

With studies conducted on couples that have infrequent sex due to newly introduced children in the family, or new societal and career obligations, it was found that couples with infrequent intimacy with high affection, emotional connections, understanding, and empathy reestablished the relationship through the rigors of time.

Couples that successfully keeps the fires of intimacy alive live longer, have better immune systems and dramatically superior mental health.

The number one advice many counselors have for couples to improve their relationship is, despite children and fatigue and careers, making a schedule and sticking with it confers incredible benefits.

The importance of physical intimacy in a relationship is paramount, and if your marriage is filled with strong and frequent passion, then that's an accomplishment that's a seriously strong proof of a robust, loving relationship.


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