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Marriage Advice That Can Help Your Marriage

by Chris A.

Marriage Advice, Best Marriage Advice

Marriage Advice That Every Person Should Try

Most people want to settle down at some time in life. The only hassle is whether the person you want to marry is right for you or not. Let us look at the fact that you are married now, here is some good marriage advice.

Be There for Each Other

Never take your spouse for granted. S/he is the same person you dated before you settled down. Make some alone time together. The point is never to give up on being there for each other. That in itself says a lot about your love being the topmost priority.

Fight it Out

Everyone who has been married for a while may want to solicit some pointers as marriage advice for newlyweds. Listen to the ones who made it work. Since you are just starting out together, one key point to note is that the honeymoon does not last forever. You are bound to have ups and downs. That is a part of marriage.

Talk, Don’t Stay Mum

When you have to say something to your partner that is not to her/his liking, don’t fight shy of it, because not talking is the worst part of any relationship. Predictability and a lack of interest should not creep in, ever. This is good marriage advice!

Marriage AdviceExtended Family

Being in love with your in-laws – who really are 'in' any way! Not everyone has a good relationship with the spouse’s family. But making an effort to get along goes a long way. The general notion of a father in law not being fond of their son can be changed. If you sense something amiss, do not grate on his nerves. The same for the mothers-in-law!

Sex it Up

Spice things up in the bedroom. Do something naughty. Physical intimacy is a very important part of marriage. You cannot feign a headache or gas all the time. There are limits to what your spouse will tolerate. Sex is a natural stress buster and a great workout if you want something to alleviate other problems, don’t be a sourpuss. Do something funky!

Stop Comparing

Keep your expectations realistic. There is nothing worse than comparing your partner with someone else. It is a deal-breaker. Trying to keep up with the Jones's is not really happening. It puts too much pressure on the relationship, especially if you cannot measure up, based on false ideals. When you think marriage tips, this is one of them – it tops the list!

Best Marriage Advice
Holiday Together

Make some time for getaways. Holidaying together is fun. You can take the kids along or just some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life just for the two of you to bond and relax. Couple spas are the buzz. There is nothing quite like it, your tired muscles are eased away with relaxing fingers of therapists.

Party On

Hang out with friends or family. Don’t always stick around each other, it can get claustrophobic. You need to be around your friends with or without your spouse. Make a couple of friends, party together, travel or generally be there for your spouse and friends.

The best marriage advice - do not cheat. Ever. Even if your partner does not know, you do, so why should you hurt the person who you professed to love for better or worse.


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