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Travel Tips for India: Must Know India Tips!

by Andy A.

Travel Tips for India, India Travel Tips, India Travel

India Travel Tips

India is the definition of diversity. It is a land of diverse and breathtaking landscapes, from stunning lakes, rolling hills, desert, beautiful beaches and tropical forests to the snow-capped Himalayas. It is home to fifty or more different languages and ethnic groups. It is a spiritual, multicultural, colorful and fascinating country. Traveling to India is an experience in itself. It can be a significantly bewildering country and a massive culture shock for people traveling to India for the first time. The cities roar with everyday traffic and activity while the scenic natural landscapes are calm and serene. It is also a land of contradiction, from the richest to the poorest, from the high rise buildings to the small huts with thatched roofs, everything intertwines to make India what is it.

If you want to travel to India, here are some tips that you can make a note to ensure that you have a wholesome experience.

india travel tips

1. Learn about the Visa and permit requirements.

Log on to the official website of the Indian Government to check the requirements for an Indian Visa. Read up and do your research about the places you'd like to visit and find out if there are any special permits required.

2. Forget about how the media has portrayed India in your country.

It is common to have heard of the atrocities toward women and how it is very unsafe in India. While the facts remain the same, the media provides a lot of controversial and negative content. Nowadays, you have apps to help you and guide you during your journey, being aware of your surroundings is crucial if you're traveling alone in any country, not just India. The people in India can speak and converse in English, they do have the highest literacy rate.

3. Take it easy and be ready to go with the flow and don't follow strict plans.

The states in the north, south, east and west of India are so diverse that it is not humanly possible to travel everywhere in one single trip. Be realistic, depending on how long you can travel. Make plans according to that. If you want to visit the monuments and classics, head to Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. If you are naturally bound, you can head to Himachal, Uttarakhand, Arunachal, and more. So, depending on your interests, make a flexible plan.

4. Please remember to dress appropriately.

Look around your environment, whether you are in a city or a beach. Gauge the kind of clothing that the men and women are wearing and dress accordingly. Some places in India, cities like Bangalore and Mumbai are very liberal. They have a majority of University students and young liberal minds. While other places in India, that are more religious, or have historical and cultural significance, do not tolerate skimpy clothes. So, dress accordingly.

5. Don't be startled when someone asks to take a selfie with you.

This happens quite often to people who travel from countries that have people with relatively fair skin and blonde hair. You need to realize that there are billions of people who live in India and more than half of them have never seen someone that looks like you in real life, so don't be shocked or upset. You can politely decline and be on your way or just take a picture with them.

6. Learn about transportation in India.

You can find buses, flights, trains, cabs, rental cars and bikes to travel around India smoothly. Go online, check the best transport options to go to the places you want to visit. Local buses and trains are very light on the pocket.

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