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What is InfoTracer and How to Opt-out or Use

Background checks used to be something accessible only to law enforcement and large companies that could afford to pay for it in order to hire reputable people. However, with the Freedom of Information Act coupled with the rise of internet-based services, there are now many companies that offer such services for prices that almost anyone can afford.

You can run a background check on anyone from a potential romantic partner, to a renter or a neighbor. One of these companies is Infotrace, which runs background checks. Read more to learn about Infotrace, how it works, how much it costs, and how to opt-out.

Infotracer Overview

InfoTracer is a boutique information agency that aims to provide its users with data by gathering public records into its database. Infotracer claims its goal is to aggregate and make information accessible for everyone for an affordable price.

Their database has over 2 billion records that they offer users access to in order to accumulate masses of information about individuals they are looking into. Infotracer provides its user's data in the form of reports. The Infotracer system searches through its data sources, including court documents, criminal records, contact information, social networks, and more in order to formulate these reports. 

Infotracer also has a blog that provides its users with valuable information relating to their services. The blog, called Intelicenter covers topics ranging from safety, relationship and dating advice, cybersecurity, and privacy. 


InfoTracer Features and Services

Infotracer offers a number of features and services that are included in its monthly subscription.

Criminal records search - InfoTracer provides a number of search options relating to criminal records. These searches can provide you with reports that contain information on arrest warrants, mugshots, felony records, legal cases, police reports, conviction and disposition details, parole and probation details. 

Court Documents search- With an InfoTracer search you can find records that are related to courthouses such as municipal, state, and federal courthouses. These searches can provide you with information about the individual’s tax liens, bankruptcy, claims, evictions, legal judgments, lawsuits, and small claims.

InfoTracers Review

Public Records Searches- A public records search can provide you with all records that were made public by the Freedom of Information Act. These records include birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates as well as assets, driving Records, property ownership records, and more. 

Reverse Email Search- With a reverse email search you can simply input an email address to which you want to find out the own and InfoTracer will provide you with the owner if a record using that email address is listed. 

Reverse Phone Search- By using a reverse phone search with InfoTracer you can reveal a caller's name, address, gender, age, and phone carrier. 

Reverse Address Lookup- With this search you will be able to find out who lives or owns a certain property by searching the address. InfoTracer can give you their name, age, relatives & associates, occupation, education, and marital status. 

InfoTracer Costs

You can have access to all of Infotracer’s tools and services by paying a monthly fee. With a subscription to Infotrace, you can use these without limit for the entirety of your subscription period. One report will cost you 4.95 and will also include a one-week trial of unlimited reports after which you will be charged 19.95 a month. If you do not wish to continue with the service, you will need to actively cancel your account with them in order to not be charged. 


How InfoTracer Works

InfoTracer works by collecting and organizing billions of data from hundreds of different sources. The records are then made searchable to users of the platform. In order to run a search on InfoTracer is by entering the person's first and last name, and state of residence. If you know the city of residence that will help narrow down the search results. 

You will then be led to a page of results where you can select the person you are looking for. You will be able to discern which of the results is the person you are looking for by looking at the listed age and possible relatives.  

If this is the first time you are registering with InfoTracer, you will then be led to a payment page. After providing payment you will immediately receive the report on the screen. 

How to Opt-out of InfoTracer

If you would like to opt-out of Infotracer so your data will not be accessible to others you can do so online, by fax, or through the mail. 

The recommended method to remove your information from InfoTracer is online. To do so you need to first visit the InfoTracer opt-out page. You will then need to insert your first and last name as well as the state you live in. You will be forwarded to a results page where you will need to find yourself and click on the remove my data hyperlink. Once you have done that you will need to insert your email address and you will have the opportunity to add any extra comments you want before submitting the request. 

InfoTracers Opt Out

To opt-out of Infotracer by fax you will need to send your Data Removal Request to (607) 507-0410.  

To opt-out of Infotracer by mail you will need to send your Data Removal Request to:

Data Management Department 

Accucom Corporation

227 Lewis Wharf

Boston, MA 02110

It is important to include as much information as possible in your Data Removal Request so you can be sure the person whose data they are removing is correct. It is also important to note that this will not guarantee your records will be removed forever, whenever records are updated they will automatically be put in the database. 

Opting out of Infotracer

Infotracer provides background check services for its subscribers. If you are using the website and you are not happy with its services, you can cancel your subscription. When you perform an Infotracer opt out, it is not the same as canceling your subscription.

The opt out service is intended for people who want to remove their public records data from the website. It is important to know that there is no guarantee that your information will be removed permanently. Once you perform an infotracer opt out, the data that you asked to be removed will be deleted from the website. Public records about you can once again appear on the website in the future. If you want to permanently remove your public records from Infotracer, you need to contact the custodian of the original records.

You should also know that Infotracer is not responsible for information that is displayed by other public records search websites/search engines.

Infotracer Review

InfoTracer has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, but a large number of negative reviews and complaints online from former customers. Most of these complaints involved problems removing their personal information from the website and credit card charges difficult to cancel. Some people also complained that they received incorrect or inadequate information. 


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