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Man Kills Ex-Roommate after Hiding in Closet

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Florida Man Hides in Closet and Kills Former Roommate

Asgeirr Ulfr, 26, from Florida, has been accused of strangling his former roommate, after hiding in her closet throughout the night. According to reports, Christina Danielle Scarr, 20, was found dead in her Florida home on April 6, after Ulfr allegedly strangled her.

Danielle Brown - Ulfr’s sister, has stated that her brother confessed the crime to his defense attorney and said he did not mean to kill Scarr. On the night before the murder, Ulfr allegedly broke into Scarr's home and hid in her bedroom closet, where he waited until the morning.

On April 6, Ulfr waited until Scarr's boyfriend left the house and attacked her. According to police reports, Scarr fought back, which made Ulfr punch her in order to stop her from fighting him. He then wrapped duct tape around her head, put her on the bed and cut her hair because it got in the way of the duct tape. Ulfr then proceeded to choke her, twice, until Scarr passed out.

Ulfr left the home to throw out the clothes he had on, and when he came back, he found that Scarr was dead. After his srrest, Ulfr denied the allegations against him, but surveillance footage from Walmart documented him purchasing ski boots, a mask, zip ties and duct tape. According to reports and Ulfr's sister's statements, the attack happened after Scarr denied Ulfr's attempts to date her and "that he wanted to be her savior, he wanted to be the one that came in after a quote-unquote intruder did and save her.”

Ulfr claimed that the killing of Scarr was an accident but has been charged with first-degree murder and is facing the death penalty for Scarr's death.

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