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5 Reasons People are Committing Crimes

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5 Reasons People are Committing Crimes

Crime is probably as old as history – human history, particularly.  Different societies categorize crime in varied ways. Depending on the nature of crime or severity, law enforcement agencies classify them as infractions which are milder in nature to serious crimes which could be misdemeanors or felony.  The nature of punishment depends on the classification.

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Classifying crimes

In the U.S., the Uniform Crime Reports classifies crimes into two major groups of Part I and Part II offenses. The former deals with index crimes including murder, assault, rape, burglary, while Part II deals with driving under the influence, fraud, drug or liquor offenses, gambling, vandalism, prostitution and so on.

Top five crime reasons

While there may not be a clear-cut definition for a “typical criminal” or even a typical crime, there are some commonly encountered crime reasons. Many theories have been proposed to explain why people commit crimes.


Unfair rulings: One of the top reasons why people commit crimes is unfair court rulings and corrupt/incompetent correctional systems. Many times, people who are falsely accused of a crime he or she never committed become bitter and rebellious. Correctional systems, instead of offering rehabilitation, expose such victims to perpetrators of even more serious crimes.

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Drug addiction: People addicted to drugs often end up resorting to crime to keep feeding their addiction. One crime may lead to another, resulting in a lifetime of crime and drug abuse. Most drug dealers could also lure people into drugs or crimes for their own benefits.


Family conditions: Experts believe people take to crime when there is a background of violence or hate in their family. Parents who are drug or alcohol addicts or a family that is abusive are the main reasons why many people take to crime. Drug or alcohol addiction can also lead to parents neglecting their child’s needs and over time, the lack of love, respect or attention at home may lead to criminal activities as the child grows into adulthood.

Racism: Hate crimes are increasingly being witnessed world over. Regionalism leads individual people and groups to commit crimes against other communities. Such regionalism could also stem from insecurities, economic problems or other issues within the society.


Poverty: Being economically deprived is a top crime reason. The lack of a job or money can drive people to desperation and the sheer frustration of the situation may lead to such people resorting to crime.
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