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70-Year-Old Woman Charged with Trying to Hire Hit Men

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Linda Tracy Gillman, Woman Hires Hit Men, Uta Crime News
Linda Tracy Gillman, 70, from Utah has been charged in trying to hire a hit man after a similar previous attempt had failed. Gillman initially tried to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband and his wife, and make it look like a drug overdose. The would-be hit man eventually went to the police and told them what Gillman wanted him to do.

The 70-year-old was arrested, charged and found guilty of one count of criminal solicitation for attempting to hire a hit man. The story did not end when Gillman went behind bars, as she attempted to hire another hit man to kill the first one in order to botch the trial.

According to reports, Gillman said that she would be a "free woman" if the man who reported her to the police was dead. She also wanted to have an attorney and an eye-witness killed in order to wipe out all of her enemies.
Gillman was charged with two counts of criminal solicitation and two counts of obstructing justice, which came on the  same day she was found guilty of trying to kill her husband.


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