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Weirdest Ways to Get Arrested

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Weirdest Ways to Get Arrested, Arrested in Weird Ways
Weird Ways you can Get Arrested in! 

When thinking of why people get arrested, you usually think of big crimes like a bank robbery, murder or an act of terrorism. The whole concept of getting handcuffed and thrown in jail is something reserved for hardened criminals; the really bad guys. Interestingly enough though, people have got arrested for less, much, much less. Then again you might think of assault or drunk driving, but, think again. Let us take a look at some bizarre cases of people being arrested for acts that you might not even consider a crime and yet these cases are real.

Here are some of the weirdest reasons why people got arrested:

Assault with a banana: A man in Florida was once arrested for attacking his girlfriend with a banana. He was charged with domestic violence.

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Attempting to break into a jail: In an attempt to get her brother released, a twenty-year-old woman in Colorado broke into a jail. She had somehow managed to get past the razor wire fence that was surrounding the premises.

Opening Christmas presents too early: Believe it or not, but there have been a couple of cases of children getting arrested for opening their Christmas presents too early. One little boy’s mother called the police on him when he opened his Nintendo game a couple of weeks before Christmas. In another case, a twelve-year-old girl in Michigan was also arrested for opening her gifts too early.

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Indecent exposure of a mannequin: In the state of Georgia, you could very well be arrested for changing a mannequin’s clothes in a shop window without putting the shutters down. The state actually has a law against doing this.

Possession of Jolly Ranchers: While just having the candy in your possession is not a crime, you could be in trouble if it is mistaken for crystal meth. Three people were arrested in New York City when a police officer mistook the Jolly Ranchers they were carrying for methamphetamine. They were later released when lab tests came back negative for any illegal substances.

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Food fight in a school cafeteria:
Food fights in school cafeterias happen every now and again with the perpetrators usually getting detention. In one particular case though, the school authorities called the police and a total of twenty-five students between the ages of eleven to fifteen were arrested.

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Spraying perfume during class:
One rather unfortunate twelve-year-old was arrested for spraying herself with perfume while in class. The teacher claimed that her behavior was disruptive and thought it fit to have the child arrested.

Burping in gym class:
A school actually had a thirteen-year-old arrested and suspended for burping too loudly in the gym class. The teen was sent to juvenile detention but was eventually let off without any charges being brought against him.

Rainwater harvesting:
A man in Oregon was arrested for collecting rainwater in barrels on his own property. He was collecting the water for fire protection, but according to the state, his barrels were illegal reservoirs. What might have seemed like a prudent idea, landed this poor soul in jail for thirty days.

Failing to predict an earthquake: Apparently, Italy has some weird reasons for arresting people as well. Six scientists were sentenced to six years in prison for failing to predict the exact location and scale of an earthquake. The immense earthquake was responsible for the death of three hundred people and the scientists were charged with involuntary manslaughter.

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