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A second Man Charged in 2017 Shooting in Kingston Community

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Darrell Montez Hutton Arrested for Kingston Shooting
In 2017, a shooting in the Birmingham's Kingston community left a 4-year-old dead, and a 68-year-old woman wounded. Last year. Police arrested Antonio Fowler, 27, in relation to the shooting and he was charged with a murder attempt and two counts of first degree assaults.

It has now been released that a second man was indicted in connection to the 2017 crime. Darrell Montez Hutton, 33, came before a grand jury and was indicted for the shooting. The indictment included 3 counts – one for the murder of the 4-year-old Taleayah Stafford and first-degree assault of 68-year-old Shirley Jackson Hollonquest.

According to authorities, the shooting was initiated by Fowler, who intended to shoot Hutton. Huttong then returned fire and shot the two victims. Fowler has been in custody since July 2017 on a bond of $150,000, and Hutton, who has been arrested on Thursday morning, is held at the efferson County Jail for a $90,000 bond.



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