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A Suspect in the Murder of Student Has been Arrested

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Haley Anderson's Murder, Haley Anderson Killing, NY Crimes
The body of Haley Anderson, a 22-year-old student at Binghamton University Nursing School, was found last Friday in an off-campus home. After investigating the matter, police found that it was the home of Nicaragua native Orlando Tercero, 22.

After the murder, Tercero was found in Nicaragua, and police believe that he fled there on the morning that Haley was found in his bed. Tercero holds a dual citizenship and was arrested on suspicion of Anderson's murder. After his arrest, Tercero was taken to prison some 40 miles from Nicaragua's capital of Managua.

Tercero was also a student at the nursing school where Haley went to, and according to one of their classmates, he “never got over his obsession of her" after they broke up. As of now, it is unclear whether Tercero has any legal representation while he remains under police custody.



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