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Alabama Man Arrested for Multiple Child Sex Abuse Charges

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Alabama Man Arrested for Multiple Child Sex Abuse Charges

Tristan Crawford, 21, from the Ozark area in Alabama, was arrested on Wednesday for multiple child sex abuse charges. According to court records, Crawford was arrested at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday for allegedly abusing a child under the age of 12 between March 1 and March 31, 2017.

Dale County sheriff's Chief Deputy Mason Bynum said it was the second time in the course three months that Crawford was arrested for sexually abusing children. Deputy Bynum could not release further information due to the children's age.

Court records also show that Crawford was arrested in May of this year after police received compilates of sexual abuse from two other children. It is unclear at this point of one of the children was Crawford's latest victim, and police are continuing to investigate the incidents.

Crawford has been charged with seven felony charges – five counts of second-degree sodomy and two counts of sex abuse of a child. If he is found guilty, Crawford will become a registered sex offender and will have to reveal that fact wherever he goes. Click here to learn more on the sex offender registry and find out who are the sex offenders living in your area.

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