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Arizona Mom Charged after Toddler Ate Mac and Cheese Laced with THC

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Arizona Mom Alaina Marie Limpert Gives Child Food with THC
Alaina Marie Limpert, 25, from Arizona, has been charged with child abuse after her daughter, who is less than two, ingested THC laced mac-and-cheese her mother prepared. According to police reports and Limpert's account of the incident, she had made the mac-and-cheese for her husband and was not aware of the fact that her daughter ate it.

Police reports also suggest that Limpert was laughing when she found out that her daughter had ingested the mac and cheese that contained the active chemical found in marijuana. Afterwards, she allegedly took her daughter to a pool in the backyard in order to 'shock' her.

Limpert was taken into custody, and three other children that were living in her home were removed from there by the Arizona Department of Child Safety. Law officials found glass bongs and pipes inside Limpert's home along with mushrooms, hash oil and two marijuana grow tents in the garage.

Limpert is due to appear in court on April 19 after authorities charged her with one count of child abuse.


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