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White Supremacist leader Sent to Life in Prison for Murder

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Aryan Brotherhood leader Sent to Life in Prison for Murder

Michael Lynn Rogers, 48, who is reportedly second in command of the white supremacist Aryan Brotherhood in Texas, has been given life in prison on Friday. Rogers, also known as, "Texas Mike,", was charged with torturing and eventually killing a man in a fight that revolved around a $600 dispute between the two.

The victim, Alberto Gonzalez, 34, reportedly suffered injuries to his head caused by a power drill that was also used on his abdomen and chest. The feud that led to Gonzalez's death took place in July of 2016 when Gonzalez went to Rogers' home to speak to him about the $600. When he arrived at the home in West Dallas, Gonzalez encountered not only Rogers, but other gang members form Tango Blast and the White Knights.

After denying that he stole money from Rogers' wallet, Gonzalez's legs were struck with a hammer by a White Knights member, and he was also beaten in the head with a beer bottle. Then Rogers used a power drill on Gonzales, who was later set on fire and dumped at a lake near Rogers' property. Rogers was charged with first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for Gonzalez's murder.

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