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Suspect Indicted for Murder of NBA Star Lorenzen Wright

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Lorenzen Wright murder, Billy Turner Charged

On July 2000, the body of Cleveland Cavaliers player Lorenzen Wright's body was found after being brutally murdered by an unknown person. Seven years later, a suspect has been charged with the murder of the rising basketball star. According to several documents, the suspect in wright's murder is Billy Ray Turner, 46, who has been charged with first degree murder.

The charges came after the Memphis police found a gun believed to be the murder weapon in a Mississippi lake on November of 2017. After turner was indicted on last December, his lawyer, John Keith Perry, has stated that he will go through the entire investigatory material, some 20,000 pages, to prove his client's innocence.

Turner maintains his innocence despite several eye witnesses identifying him as the person who committed the murder. Turner is due to re-appear in court on March 19 when the case will be continued until a sentencing is issued.

If Turner is found to be guilty, he will receive a sentence on the first degree murder charges. If he is found to be innocent, Turner will walk away a free man, but his arrest records and court records will remain as they are. The records will become public records, allowing people to search for them and see what lies in his past. Similarly, background checks can be performed on other people in order to discover if they are telling the truth about themselves, allowing their surroundings to be aware of any criminal records they might be concealing.



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