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California Man Arrested After Trying to Arrange a Sexual Encounter with a 4-Year-Old

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Nicolas Castillo from California Arrested for Sex Crime
Nicolas Castillo, 29 from Anaheim, California, has been arrested in suspicion of attempting to arrange a sexual encounter with a 4-year-old. According to reports, undercover detectives communicated with Castillo, and during the conversations, he attempted to arrange the alleged encounter.

Castillo wanted to arrange encounters and pay $700 for two sessions and an extra $500 if she would spend the night with him. He also allegedly told the undercover detectives that he had taken part in such encounters in the past and wanted to contact the mother of the young girl in order to arrange the meetings.

Police officers conducted a search in Castillo's parents' home and also in his house and stated they had enough evidence to take him into custody. Castillo worked as a security guard at Allied Universal in Dana Point, and police believe there may be other victims in his past.

If Castillo is found guilty if the crimes attributed to him, he may go to prison. If released, Castillo will have to register as a sex offender in any every place he moves to. His criminal records will become public records and others will be able to access them. This will allow any person he meets to learn more about his best and decide is they wish to keep in touch with him or not. This is why a sex offender search is important now more than ever, especially for parents that want to know more about the people in their neighborhood and in their children's lives.


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