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Chicago Man Arrested for Slashing Woman's Face

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Deandre Cavaness Arrested for Cutting a Woman in Chicago
Deandre Cavaness, 36, from Chicago has been arrested for allegedly slashing a woman across the cheek and jaw. The incident took place at bus station 10 miles west of Chicago when Cavaness approached a 54-year-old woman at 9 p.m. and attacked her.

The victim proceeded to call the police to notify them about the attack and the identity of Cavaness, also known as 'Dre'. Cavaness was later found under an adjacent viaduct as he fled police and a crowd that wanted to capture him.

Cavaness was taken into police custody after his flight attempt, and the victim, who had a deep cut on her jaw and cheek, was taken to the hospital to receive treatment.

A judge denied Cavaness bail, and the reason behind the attack is still unknown, according to the authorities.



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