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Police Officer Allegedly Shoots Brother – A Fellow Cop

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Police Officer Robert Lee Kills Cop Brother Rocky Lee

Robert Lee, 59, a police officer in Stagecoach, outside of Houston, was arrested on this Saturday after he allegedly shot and killed his brother - Rocky Lee, 57.

The incident took place on Friday afternoon when Rocky, a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy, entered the home of his brother to check on him, according to reports. Robert shot at Rocky several times in the bathroom of his home, but the circumstances leading to the shooting remain unclear at this point.

According to police reports, Robert called the police shortly after the shooting to report that he shot who he believed was an intruder. The police scanner audio was obtained by the Houston Chronicle and this is the transcript of what occurred late on Friday afternoon:

"I have a victim who is shot and I cannot locate him at this point,” he can be heard saying. “I have fired shots into this young man and I cannot locate him on my property. I'm a police sergeant with the city of Stagecoach. This man has broken into my house and I have fired five rounds into him and I cannot locate him at this time. Please be aware of that as you approach."

Robert Lee is currently held on a $250,000 bail at the Montgomery County Jail but will not be charged with capital murder as Rocky was off duty at the time of the shooting.



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