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Couple Allegedly Stole $49k from Disabled Relative

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Couple Steal Money from Disabled Relative

According to the New-Jersey general attorney, a Willingboro couple stole $49k from their relative while he was in a nursing home. The couple, Todd McKinney, 47, and wife, Mythi Ly-McKinney, 50 have allegedly transferred money from the account of Ly-McKinney's 79-year-old godfather.

The funneling occurred while Ly-McKinney was helping to manage her elderly grandfather's finances and also pay his bills for him, according to the GA's office. With Ly-McKinney's access to her grandfather's checkbook, she wrote checks for the business she and her husband owned.

Over time, Ly-McKinney wrote and deposited checks to the business in the sum of $49.5k according to the GA's office. Ly-McKinney is charged with two counts of theft by deception, one count of conspiracy and 17 counts of forgery. Her husband is charged with theft by deception and forgery and conspiracy.

The couple will be sentenced on the charges against them and will receive a punishment as stipulated by the law in New Jersey. The charges will be in their arrest records and criminal records for the following years, and others will be able to see them through public records.

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