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Couple in Texas Charged for Sex Trafficking a Minor

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Texas Couple Charged, Selling Teen

Steve Marks, 31, and his wife, Lila Miller, 31, of Rockwell Texas have been charged for purchasing or selling a child for sex. The couple was arrested on Jan. 24 after trying to re-sell a girl to a family in Florida after already selling her to a family in Illinois that according to the police affidavits, did not pay the full amount agreed upon with the couple.

According to the police affidavits, Marks sold the girl to the family in Illinois with the knowledge that it was for sexual purposes. In response, Marks stated that he would never sell a child for sex, thus rebutting the claims against him.

The teenager in question has been declared missing since September 2017, and at this point, the authorities are not releasing further information about the case.

If charged, Marks and his wife will be sentenced according to Texas law, and will be registered as sex offenders. The records of their arrests and indictments will become public records that can be open to people who wish to find out more about them. Sex offender records are extremely important in this day and age, as they allow to take precaution with unknown people and find out if they pose any danger to their surroundings.

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