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Michigan Driver Found Guilty of Killing 5 Cyclists

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Michigan Driver Charles Pickett Guilty of Killing 5 Cyclists

Charles Pickett Jr., 52, from Battle Creek, Michigan, has been found guilty of the death of 5 cyclists in 2016. On June 7, 2016, Picket was driving at 140 miles per hour while under the influence of painkillers and other narcotics.

Picket was driving his vehicle, passed the speed limit and failed to apply the brakes, according to police reports and people present at the scene. The reckless driving caused Picket to hit 9 cyclists, 5 of whom died from the impact. Last month Picket was convicted of 5 counts of second-degree murder at the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court for the deaths of the 5 cyclists.

Two men and three men died on June 7, 2016, and more than 20 eye-witness accounts brought to the sentencing of Picket last month.


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