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Father Charged for Chaining and Raping Daughters for a Decade

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Jerry Lee Curry, 51 from Minneapolis has been arrested and charged for allegedly chaining, beating and raping his twin daughters for the past 10 years. The story unraveled after one of the victims managed to escape from the home imprisonment this last June.

According to authorities and testimonies collected from the twins, Curry used to tie them to prevent the young women, now in their early 20's, from escaping the home. During the past decade, curry allegedly chained and tortured them on a regular basis, and forced them to have sex with him.

According to reports, Curry fathered 2 children with one of the young women, and DNA tests confirmed this allegation against him. Also, the women reported that Curry would deny them of food for long periods of time, and threatened that he would kill them and discard of their bodies.

Scars and other signs of violence were found on the twins' bodies, and police are now in pursuit of a woman that lived in the house along with Curry. According to him, he has not seen the woman in question for over a month, and it is unclear whether she is the mother of the twins.

Curry gave himself up to authorities this past Wednesday, and is currently held at the Hennepin County jail on a $750,000 bail.

In case Curry is found guilty of the crimes committed against him, he faces several years in prison. If released at any point, it is likely that Curry's criminal records will become public records allowing people to find out about his past. Also, it is likely that curry would have to be registered as a sex offender in each state he will reside in, which will allow authorities to keep track of him, and the people around him to find out that he is a sex offender in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.




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