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Florida Man Kills Father and Dumps Body in Golf Course

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James Scandirito from is Charged with Killing his Father
James Scandirito, 49, of Boca Raton, Florida is believed to have killed his father, former judge James "Skip" Scandirito, and dump his body in an abandoned golf course. According to the police, Scandirito had purchased cleaning supplies, a mop, garbage bags, duct tape and a gasoline cans several days before he allegedly killed his father.

The body of the retired judge was found in an abandoned golf course in Florida, and according to the Palm Beach Post, the police in Boca Raton have yet to find out where and when the murder took place. Scandirito is the sole beneficiary of most of his father's estate, which is estimated at of $800,000.

Scandirito was arrested five days after the police found his father's body, and is currently held on murder charges.


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