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Florida Woman Accused of Abusing and Forcing Child to Play Russian Roulette

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Florida Woman Jacqueline Hayes Arrested for Child Abuse

Jacqueline Hayes, 41, from Milton, Florida, has been arrested and is held on a $600,000 bail for child abuse. According to police reports, Hayes has abused a now 15-year-old who was under her care for several years, since 2013.

The alleged abuse was revealed when a case coordinator went the Gulf Coast Kids House and noticed bruising on the child's arms as well as a chipped front tooth. Police were brought in to investigate the victim, who began telling them about the abuse she was subjected to at the hands of Hayes and her partner - Daryl Doniel Pitts, 43.

According to police reports, the girl was hung by her legs and hands, starved for several days, tased with stun gun, strangled, tied with ropes, beaten across the mouth with a steal pole and at one point – forced her to play Russian Roulette with a gun the couple had in their possession.

After the allegations were made, police arrested Hayes and charged her with one count of aggravated abuse and one count of child abuse. There is an active warrant out on Pitts, and police are currently searching for him.


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