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Former Doctor Indicted for Stealing Over $500k from 98-Year-Old

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Former Doctor Peter Corines Stole 500k from 98-Year-Old

Peter Corines, 71, from New York, has been indicted with 11 counts of larceny after he allegedly stole over $500,000 from a 98-year-old woman. The victim – Bernice Judd Porter, allegedly had her identity stolen and used by Corines over the course of two weeks on November 2017.

According to authorities, Corines used Porter's social security number to build online accounts and take out checks in her name. In addition, he used checks from Porter's own check book and funneled them into a repair company's account. In total, Corines allegedly stole $540,106.60 according to the DA, and was trying to steal an additional $262,171.49.

Corines was arrested and charged with first degree scheme to defraud, second degree grand larceny, five counts of third degree attempted grand larceny, second degree attempted grand larceny and three counts of first degree identity theft. He has pleaded not guilty and has been released on bail pending his trial on July 10.


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