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Police Capture Man Who Killed His Former Boss with a Hatchet

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Domenic Micheli Arrested for Killing his Boss with a Hatchet

Domenic Micheli, 36, from Nashville, Tennessee, has been arrested after allegedly killing his former boss with a hatchet and another sharp object early Monday morning. According to Metro Nashville Police, Micheli was spotted by eyewitnesses as he was walking around the he Balance Training center in the Belle Meade community at 7:00 a.m. Monday.

According to reports, Micheli then walked into the fitness center and attacked his former boss - 46-year-old Joel Paavola, who fired him 14 months earlier. Paavola was the manager of the fitness center and reportedly died from his injuries on the way to the hospital.

After the alleged attack, Micheli fled the scene and was perused by authorities. He was found and arrested later on Monday and is now face murder charges for the killing of Paavola.



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