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Graphic Novelist Sentenced After Torturing and Killing His Fiancé

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Graphic Novelist Blake Leibel Sentenced After Killing Fiance

Blake Leibel, 37, from Los Angeles, has been sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of torturing and killing his fiancé in 2016. According to authorities and court documents, Iana Kaisan was brutally tortured for several hours before she died from blood loss 6 hours after her ordeal began.

Kaisan, who had given birth to Leibel's child several weeks before her death, was found naked and dead in the bedroom of the apartment the couple shared in West Hollywood in May 2016. Blood covered the floor of the bedroom, and the court was presented with photos of Kaisain's face that was missing several features and had visible bones and muscles.

According to evidence, Kaisan was dragged across the home where she lived with Leibel and also held under water. Leibel, who had written a graphic novel in 2010, was sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder on Tuesday. According to reports, Leibel followed the script he wrote in his graphic novel 'Syndrome' that depicted a doctor conducting gruesome experiments on a serial killer.


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