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Heir to Anheuser-Busch Accused of Beating 6th-Grader

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Busch Heir Charged with Assault, Missouri Crime News
William K. "Billy" Busch, 58, the heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune has been charged for assaulting a 11-year-old boy. The alleged incidence took place ootside the gym in a prep school on Nov. 16, 2017.

According to reports, Busch saw an altercation between his son and another boy and intervened to separate the two. Afterwards, Busch allegedly dragged the 6th grader out of the gym at the Chaminade College Preparatory School and shouted profanities at him.

Then Busch allegedly pushed the boy against a wall on the stairwell, which caused the boy to hit the back of his head on the wall and his nose to bleed. A basketball coach and the boy's father intervened and asked Busch to leave the premises.

Busch now faces assault charges, and not for the first time. The heir has several run-ins with the law and has been previously accused of assaulting others. If charges for the assault of the boy, he may have to serve time in prison, and his records will most likely become public records.

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