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25 Real Identity Theft Statistics for the United States

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Real Identity Theft Statistics for the United States

The rise of the digital era has made it easier than ever for criminals to steal your identity. Whether it's via scam where you willingly hand over personal information or through hacking and other nefarious means, having your identity stolen has the potential to affect you negatively for the rest of your life. Here are the scary statistics that we've uncovered about identity theft.

1. There are 19 new victims of identity theft every minute.
2. In 2017, $16.8 billion dollars were stolen in cases of identity theft.
3. The most common type of identity theft is employment- or tax-related, meaning that the criminal uses someone's Social Security number for employment or to file taxes.
4. Americans are more likely to be victims of identity theft than people in other countries, with 791 million identities stolen in the US in 2016. France had the next largest number of stolen identities at 85 million.
5. Social media account users are 46% more likely to experience fraud than those who do not use social media networks.
6. 18% of victims don't discover that their identities were stolen until four or more years later.

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7. On average, it costs $500 and takes 30 hours for someone to resolve the issue of their stolen identity.
8. Credit card fraud is the second most common type of identity theft fraud, accounting for 32.7% of identity theft cases.
9. Washington, DC had 192 identity theft complaints per 100,000 in 2017.
10. West Virginia had 55 identity theft complaints per 100,000 in 2017.
11. Between 26% to 32% of identity theft victims spend 4 to 6 months trying to resolve their cases.
12. Americans are more likely to have their identity stolen than their car.

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13. In total, identity theft victims spent over 140 million hours in 2017 trying to resolve their issues.
14. Identity theft happens on average once every two seconds.
15. According to the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance, 20% of identity theft victims receive the wrong diagnosis or treatment because of medical identity theft fraud, where someone has stolen insurance information in order to receive medical care.
16. Approximately 1.3 million children are affected by identity theft annually since their credit is not monitored until after age 18, which makes them easy targets.
17. 33% of American adults have admitted to sharing their usernames and passwords with other people.
18. Even though public Wi-Fi can be easily used to hack into someone's accounts, 43% of American adults still admit to shopping online via public Wi-Fi.

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19. The Equifax data breach resulted in 143 million Americans facing an increased risk of identity theft.
20. There were 9 times as man medical than financial records breached in 2016.
21. 61% of identity theft complaints come from victims between ages 30 and 59.
22. 75% of internet users do not use a VPN to protect their Wi-Fi connections.
23. 60% of people mistakenly believe that public Wi-Fi is secure.
24. Identity theft victims lost over $96 million in 2016 due to credit card fraud.
25. On average, identity theft victims lose $1,820 to $14,340 because of time they need to take in order to resolve their cases.

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