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Indiana Man Uses Cab to Get to and Back from a Bank Robbery

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Indiana Crimes, Bank Robbery in Indiana, Derrick Faria
Indiana police have arrested Derrick Faria, 19, from Evansville after he allegedly robbed a Fifth Third Bank in the town. According to reports, Faria took a cab to get to the bank, and returned home with it after he got the money.

Faria allegedly entered the bank and gave the teller a note saying "this is a robbery give me all your money." According to records he was not armed, and after he received the money, Faria went back to the cab that drove him home. Police arrested Faria an hour after the robbery, and they were able to recover all of it, except for the $20 cab fare.

Faria was picked up from his home, and along with the money police also found drug paraphernalia in his possession. Faria is being charged with robbery and possession of drug paraphernalia for the crimes he has allegedly committed.

If found guilty, Faria may spend a few years in prison, and his criminal records will become public records that others will be able to see. Access to such records in very important as it can reveal whether a certain person has a violent criminal past, and whether we have to be cautious when interacting with them.


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