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Indianapolis Woman Arrested for Theft, Fraud and Forgery

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Marissa Reeder Arrested, Charged with Fraud

Marissa Reeder, 33, an Indianapolis resident, is charged with stealing prescription meds, jewelry and money from a patient under her care. Reeder, a home health care worker in Randolph County, had an elderly patient under her care when his son called the police after he noticed that several checks were written out of his father's bank account.

Following his complaint, the police investigated the matter, performed a search and discovered stolen drugs and jewelry that were taken from the patient's home. Reeder is facing several charges of forgery, fraud and theft following the findings of the missing possessions.

If found guilty of the allegations against her, Reeder will likely be punished according to the state law. The record of her criminal actions will be saved by the state and authorities, and will be accessible for viewing. This access to criminal records enables people to find what lies in the past others, which is especially important in cases of violent crimes.

This public records search enables people to be aware of what others have done, and decide what type of relationship, if any, they will have with them, so this self-protection tool is extremely important.


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