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Life without Parole to the Man Who Killed Mother and Daughter

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Brandon Colbert Sentenced, First Degree Murder
In 2016, Brandon Ivan Colbert Jr., 23, was accused of gunning down a woman and her 4-year-old daughter in Long Beach. Colbert later attempted to kill the father of the child, but did not succeed.

Superior Court Judge Jessie I. Rodriguez sentenced Colbert to two life sentences without parole in his trial which he tried to walk out off. The killings of Carina Mancera, 26, and her daughter, Jennabel Anaya on Aug. 16, 2016 were part of Colbert sentencing which also included the attempted murder of the girl's father - Luis Anaya.

The long beach jury found Colbert guilty of two first degree murders, that according to reports were not provoked in any way, and also on counts of murder while lying in wait and multiple murders and personally discharging a firearm.

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