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Man Accused of Killing Wife is Not Eligible for Bail

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Lewis Bennet Accused of Killing Wife, Lewis Bennet Jailed
Lewis Bennet, 40, has been accused of killing his wife, and a judge now ruled that he is not eligible for bail. According to authorities, Bennet is a flight risk, and his request to be let go was denied.

Suspicion of Bennet's involvement in his wife's death arose after she was reportedly lost at sea while the couple was on a belated honeymoon this past May. The couple were sailing their catamaran named Surf Into Summer when early morning on May 14th, Bennet reported his wife, Isabella Hellmann, missing using a satellite phone that was activated a day before the incident.

Authorities never recovered the body, but according to them, they have reason to believe it was Bennet that was responsible for his wife's disappearance. The police also found stolen coins in Bennet's possession and charged him with theft.

Bennet stood in front of U.S. Magistrate Judge Chris McAliley who denied he's request for bail at the risk of flight and, due to the fact he has a dual Australian and English citizenship.

Bennet will be possibly found guilty of second degree murder of his wife, and also for the possession of the stolen coins, and his criminal records will go on file. The arrest records and criminal records will become public records, and if ever released, they will be accessible by people that can find out about his past, and decide whether to continue their interaction with him. 



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