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Man Charged with Armed Robbery of M&T Bank in Montgomery

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Armed Bank Robbery, Benjamin Hansberger Charged

Benjamin Hansberger, 28, of Frederick, Maryland has been arrested in connection to an armed robbery in Montgomery county. Hansberger allegedly entered an M&T bank in Damascus, told the teller he had a gun and demanded money.

According to the Montgomery County police, Hansberger exited the bank and was later found with the same clothes as the robber, as seen in the surveillance video. The police also stated that they found other clothing Hansberger wore during the robbery as well as a large amount of money in the vehicle they located in connection to the crime.

Hansberger is now held without bail at the Montgomery County Detention Center in Rockville, and two other suspects have been detained in association to the robbery.

The charges against Hansberger may lead him to spend several years in prison for armed robbery - a crime that will appear in his arrest records and criminal records. These days such records are available to the public that can search for them online, and discover past crimes of people in the US. A criminal records search has helped many people find out the truth about others and potentially save their lives, and it has a great importance nowdays when we can never be sure if someone is telling us the truth.


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