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Man Charged with Burglary after Police Find DNA on Doorbell

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A five-month-old burglary case from Florida has been recently solved thanks to DNA evidence found in the scene of the crime. According to reports, Jason Braun, 41, tried to break into a senior couple's home on Oct. 9 2017, only to be stopped by the 81-old home owner.

Brown allegedly tried to break into the home and was chased away by the owner who pulled out a .22-caliber pistol and fired several shots at him. It was also reported that Braun initially rang the doorbell of the home with no gloves on to check if there was anyone inside.

After he was shot at, Braun managed to escape the home through a living room window, and there were no meaningful leads to help police locate him. A police officer at the scene swabbed DNA from the doorbell, and the sample was sent to analysis.

The results came back this March, and it has been reported that the DNA matches that of Braun. At the time of the discovery Braun was already in Custody at the Volusia County Jail in Daytona Beach, and has been issued with an arrest warrant for burglary of an occupied dwelling.



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