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Man from Alabama Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges

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Texas Drug Crimes, Matthew Qualls Arrested for Drug Charges
Matthew Qualls, 20, from Etowah, Texas, has been arrested on multiple drug charges this past Thursday. The arrest took place after police got an anonymous tip according to which there was a smell of marijuana coming from Qualls apartment.

According to the arrest warrants, there were 1,024 grams of cannabis inside Qualls' apartment. The rainbow City Police reported otherwise, and their report suggested that there were only a few grams of cannabis in his apartment. The discrepancy allegedly comes from the cannabis infused with butter, that according to authorities makes the butter itself cannabis.

Qualls is currently held on the drug charges for $55,000 bail as the investigation into the matter continues. There is a chance that Qualls will be indicted for his alleged drug possession, and will have a criminal record. The records will likely become a part of the Texas public records, allowing others to look into them. The availability of public records is extremely important, especially when it comes to more serious crimes than drug possession. Many people benefit from conducting such background checks that reveal things that others are not always willing to reveal about themselves, such as involvement in past crimes.



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