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Man from Kansas Accused of Trying to Buy 11-year-old Girl

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Ernest Merle Anziana Arrested, Tried to Buy Girl

Ernest Merle Anziana, 48, is accused of trying to buy an 11-year-old girl for some meth and $250. Anziana is awaiting extradition to Kentucky from Kensas for the attempted human trafficking charge against him. A grand-jury from Franklin County has indicted Anziana, who was apprehended following an undercover investigation conducted by Kentucky Attorney General's Cyber Crimes Branch.

The unit lured Anziana by offering him to buy the 11-year-old girl that in fact does not exist. According to the allegations against him, Anziana intended to have sex with the girl, impregnate her and keep the child that would result from his actions.

Furthermore, it is reported that Anziana has been previously convicted of incest, and is now being held in Kensas, pending extradition to Kentucky.

If found guilty, Anziana will serve time as determined by the law, and will be a registered sex offender. If ever released, Anziana will have to declare his past everywhere he moves to as mendated by the law. In order to find out about his past, people will have to search sex offender registries in their area and find who else has a violent sexual past, like Anziana. Searching for sex offenders allows people to be cautious if necessary and be aware of the people living in their and their family's surroundings, and it is one of the most important safety tools available today.


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