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Man Sent Away to Prison for 4 Years Following Road Rage Shooting

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Ernest Stickell Road Rage Arrest, Crimes in Washington
Ernest Stickell, 59, of Mechanicsville, Maryland has been sentenced to 4 years in prison after shooting a woman in a road rage incident this past summer. According to police reports, the shooting took place on 4600 block of Eisenhower Avenue. A nearby witness said that a 33-year-old woman driving an SUV honked at Stickell and proceeded to block him.

The woman in the SUV, along with a male passenger, got out of the vehicle and began cursing at Stickell, and also told him to come out of his van. At that point Stickell began shooting at the two and hit the woman in the neck and back. The other passenger was not injured.

Police took Stickell into custody, and a jury found him guilty of unlawful wounding this past Friday afternoon. Stickell was sentenced to 4 years in prison following the trial.

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