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Man Stabs 4 People in an Indianapolis Crowd

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Gary Madison Stabs Four People in an Indianapolis Crowd
Gary Madison, 57, has been arrested after he reportedly stabbed 4 people, including himself, in an incident in Indianapolis. According to authorities and eye-witness accounts, Madison was riding on his bicycle as he started blowing a bullhorn in the American Legion Mall and outside the Central Library.

A group of people asked that Madison stop playing the bullhorn, and that was when he got of the bike and tried to stab a pregnant woman. Several people that were with the expecting mother, Taylor George, tried to protect her and were stabbed after Madison started wielding a knife he had in his pocket.

Another person that was with George was able to restrain Madison until police arrived at the scene. According to authorities, two of the three people that were stabbed are in critical condition and one in serious condition. Madison himself was accidentally stabbed in the abdomen by the knife he was carrying.

Madison was taken onto police custody and faces three charges of battery by means of a deadly weapon.


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