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Maryland Man Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

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Isak Doro has been Arrested for Possession of Child Porn
Isak Doro, 68, from Howard County, Columbia, Maryland, has been arrested on multiple counts of child pornography. According to police reports, the illicit material was found in Doro's apartment following an investigation on him.

The investigation began in December of 2017 and involved a tracking of Doro's computer activity and distribution of pornographic materials. The investigation led authorities to find child pornography that was distributed from Doro's computer, which led to a search in his home and his arrest.

Police investigators found multiple child pornography video and image files in various electronic devices in Doro's home. He was arrested following the findings and charged with one count of distribution of child pornography and four counts of possession of child pornography. Doro has been released on a $10,000 bond.

If he is found guilty of the charges against him, Doro might spend several years in prison and will also be registered as a sex offender. Doro's criminal records and arrest records will become available to the public, and people will be able to find out about his past. By conducting a sex offender search, people will be able to find out Doro's criminal past, which is especially important if there are children living in his surroundings.

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