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Men Charged for Murder of 15-Month-Old

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Tameke Wright and Lavar Harris, Toddler Murder in Delaware
Tameke Wright, 22, and Lavar Harris, 37, have been charged for the murder of a 15-month-old toddler in Delaware. A week ago, police were called to Christiana Care's Wilmington Hospital in the early morning hours in order to investigate the death of the toddler.

Upon investigating the matter and conducting a medical exam, it was ruled that the toddler died from a blunt force trauma. The 15-month-old was left under the care of the two men by his mother, and police believe that they committed the murder while he was in their care. Wright and Harris were charged with first-degree murder by abuse or neglect, and have been in custody since Friday. The two are held at a $100,000 bail, and their files have been sealed pending investigation and further notice by the court.

The charges against the two men can lead them to spend the rest of their lives in prison unless ruled otherwise. If so, the records of their arrest and conviction will become public records that will allow others to find out about their past. Such background checks are vital these days when we cannot be sure if someone is telling us the truth about themselves. Conducting a people search and background search can be life savers in many cases, and we all should use them from time to time for our personal security.



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