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$63K Found in the Home of a Priest Who Embezzled Millions

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Michigan Priest Arrested for Embezzling Millions of Dollars

Rev. Jonathan Wehrle, 67, from Michigan, has been arrested for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars to build an extravagant home. According to authorities, Wehrle concealed $63,392 in his basement ceiling, which was mostly bundled in $2,000 stacks.

In addition to the money found in the ceiling, authorities also seized more than $1.1 millions from the Catholoic priest, who allegedly embezzled money from St. Martha Parish in Okemos. Reports state that the money was apparently used to build Wehrle's lavish home, and that he stole a total of $5 million from his parish.

Defense attorney Lawrence Nolan withdrew from the case without providing an immediate reason. Authorities froze Wehrle's, which led him to seek financial help from the Opus Bono charity that raises money for priests. The letter to the charity read "For Father Wehrle, this is quite literally an apocalyptic moment. The prosecutor has frozen all of his assets... He is unable to pay his legal team for a competent defense.”

Wehrle's trial is set to begin on August 13, and he is facing 6 charges for embezzling $100,000.

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