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Missouri Man Indicted for Child Pornography

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William Hopmeier Indicted for Child Pornography

Des Peres, St. Louis – a man has been indicted for producing child pornography after arranging a sexual encounter with 15-year-old. The Missouri man, William Hopmeier, 47, has waived his right to bond and pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

The police raided Hopmeier's residence after receiving a tip about his alleged encounter with the minor in question. At the scene, Hopmeier's alleged that he thought the girl was 17 and admitted to taking photographs and videos of the sexual encounter between the two.

Hopmeier has been indicted for his sexual acts with the girl and for making videos with minors engaged in sexually explicit situations.

After the court hearing and possible trial of Hopmeier, if found guilty, he will be registered as a sex offender in all the places he moves to. His arrest records will be public records, and will be available for viewing. A sex offender search will yield Hopmeier name wherever he goes to, like with many other sexual offenders, and this will allow people in his life to find out the truth about his past.

Now more than ever, conducting a sex offender search and a criminal record search is important in order for people to be able to protect themselves from possible harm, and be aware of other people's past criminal actions.



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