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Missouri Mother Charged with Sex Trafficking Disabled Daughter

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Missouri Mother Charged with Sex Trafficking her Daughter

Renee Collins, 49, of Columbia, Missouri, has been charged for the sex trafficking of her 14-year-old disabled daughter. According to reports, Collins allowed men to sexually assault her daughter in exchange for cocaine and money.

Collins' 14-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy. She also uses corrective leg braces, is partially deaf and has the mental capacity of a toddler, according to court records. The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that Collins' boyfriend, William Thomas Jr., 44, of Rocheport, was her accomplice and that he raped the teen girl.

In 2017, Collins' daughter was entered into protective custody where she told authorities that her mother would "loan" her to strange men. Collins and Thomas were arrested after the young girl raised the accusations against her mother in July of last year. On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, Collins was charged with second-degree trafficking of a child and first-degree child endangerment.

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